Who is Emily Frlekin, J.D Pardo’s wife?



You might know J.D. Pardo from his appearances in television shows like “Revolution” and “Nashville.” Or maybe you saw him in the feature film “The Messengers.” But have you ever wondered what he’s like off the screen?

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with J.D.’s wife, Emily Frlekin, and ask her a few questions about her life and work. Emily is an actress, producer, and writer who has been married to J.D. for seven years. Read on to learn more about this talented couple.

Emily Frlekin’s Professional Career

Emily Frlekin is an American NGO worker who currently works as a Project Manager at the Black Card Circle Foundation. She met her husband, Hollywood actor J.D Pardo, while they both worked in South Sudan for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Since then, Emily has worked in a number of different countries around the world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Nigeria. She is fluent in English and Serbian, and also has working knowledge of Croatian and Bosnian.

Emily Frlekin’s Personal Life

You may not know who Emily Frlekin is, but you’ve definitely seen her before.

She’s the beautiful American NGO worker who married J.D. Prado in October of 2018. Emily was born on April 30, 1982, making her a Gemini like her husband. The two met while working on a project in Africa and started dating not long after.

Emily is a hard worker and has been involved in various social justice causes throughout her life. She’s passionate about helping others, which is evident in her work with various charities. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her loved ones.

How Emily Frlekin and J.D. Pardo Met

They say that opposites attract, and in the case of Emily Frlekin and JD Pardo, that seems to be true. While Emily is an American who studied at UCLA and worked for a Black Card Circle Foundation raising standards of humanity, JD is a Mexican-American actor who got his start in the industry with a small role on the television series Veronica Mars.

The two met while working on a short film together in 2007 and started dating soon after. They married in 2010 and now have one daughter together. Emily has said that JD is her best friend and biggest supporter, and that he helps her keep perspective on what’s important in life.

Difference in Age & Background Makes for a Unique Couple

When it comes to J.D. Pardo and Emily Frlekin, you can definitely say that age does not limit the love between the two. The two are very happily married now, but before they got together, there was quite a difference in their age and background.

Pardo is a Mexican-American born in California, while his wife is an American native from Iowa. On top of that, Frlekin is 9 years older than her husband and his daughter is 8 years younger than hers. What’s more, they have a daughter together named Zoey, conceived when J.D. was 30 and Emily was 39.

They never let their discrepancies get in the way of their love for each other, making them one of Hollywood’s most unique couples for sure! Leonie Hemsworth, wife of Craig Hemsworth, even admitted that she finds it inspiring the way J.D and Emily have managed to stay strong despite all the differences between them – proving that love truly conquers all!

Marriage & Family Life

J.D. Pardo and Emily Frlekin have been happily married for several years now. The two tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2010 and despite their celebrity status, have kept their family life quite private.

The couple lives together in Los Angeles with their two children and spend time together at various events, such as the 2018 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. In addition to being loving parents, Emily and J.D. have also managed to maintain a successful careers, with Emily currently working as a production coordinator on the show NCIS: Los Angles and J.D., a star of NBC’s The Brave.

Emily Frlekin Philanthropic Work

You’re probably most aware of Emily Frlekin’s celebrity affiliation with J.D. Pardo, but one of the things you may not know about her is that she has been actively involved in philanthropy for years.

Emily Frlekin works as Project Manager at Black Card Circle Foundation, an organization that supports and produces charitable activities through its humanitarian projects. She also devotes her time to fundraising campaigns and has organized charity drives around the world, aiding children and families in need in various places.

Emily is passionate about giving back to her community and strives to use her platform to create a difference in the world by raising money, providing supplies, and offering support wherever it’s needed. No matter what role she plays or project she’s involved in, Emily always puts 200% into it—a quality that sets her apart from many other philanthropic figures out there.

Who is Emily Frlekin?

If you’re not familiar with Emily Frlekin, she is the wife of Hollywood actor J.D. Pardo. The couple has been together since 2013 and married in 2016.

Emily was born on April 30th, 1982 and grew up in a small town in North Carolina. Before marrying J.D., she worked as a Project Manager at the Black Card Circle Foundation, where she helped manage fundraising events for various charities across the US.

The couple now live in Los Angeles with their three children and two rescue dogs, where Emily no longer works outside of the home to focus on her family. She is actively involved in charity work through her husband’s Non-Profit organization, The Journey II Foundation, which helps underprivileged youth pursue their dreams of education and personal growth.

Emily Frlekin’s Personal details

Emily Frlekin is an American NGO worker and the wife of Hollywood star J.D. Prado. Born April 30, 1982 in Santa Monica, California, she studied at UCLA and then moved on to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector. She’s spent time working in Central America, Africa and Asia while doing social work with disadvantaged children and women.

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles with her husband J.D. Prado, whom she married back in 2012 after seven years of dating. She’s a vegan who loves to cook and bake for her family and friends. Oh–and did we mention that she speaks fluent Spanish? It’s no wonder her husband has such an affinity for her!

Emily and her siblings

Emily is part of a big family. She has nine siblings; four brothers and five sisters. She was reared by her mother and seven siblings, including her twin sister Kate, who you may recognize from Westworld as the character ‘Emily’. Emily’s father was in and out of their lives growing up. Her close-knit siblings have been a major source of inspiration to her both professionally and personally. As she says, “When I want to get things done, especially when it comes to my career path, I usually consult with my brothers and sisters first”.

Emily and her partner

You might be wondering how J.D. Pardo and Emily Frlekin met, right? Well, the two reportedly first crossed paths at University of California Berkeley where Emily was an English Literature major. She graduated with honors from in 2009 and then went on to pursue a career in acting.

Emily and J.D. have been married since 2010 and have kept their relationship out of the public eye ever since. Little is known about the pair’s family life, but they are often seen attending red carpet events and award shows together, including The Hollywood Reporter’s 2016 Power 100 Women in Entertainment event during which they were photographed posing together on the red carpet.

The couple also has two children, a son born in 2012 and a daughter born in 2016. Not much is known about their home life other than that they are happy and committed to each other – after all, they’ve been together for almost 10 years now!

Emily Frlekin’s Net Worth

Emily Frlekin’s net worth is estimated to be around $2-5 million. She accumulated this wealth from her career as a costume designer, visual artist and brand consultant. She has also likely increased her net worth through various endorsements and sponsorships.

She has been married to Hollywood actor J.D. Pardo since 2016, adding to her already considerable wealth. The couple shares a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, although they have not revealed any other details about their relationship or their personal Lives.


Although not much is known about J.D. Pardo’s wife, Emily Frlekin, we can surmise a few things from what is available. For starters, she is an accomplished actress in her own right, having starred in films such as The Stanford Prison Experiment and The Walking Dead. Secondly, the couple seems to be very private and does not often share many details about their personal lives with the public. Finally, they are the proud parents of two children.

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